Oracles of the Witches' Sabbath is one of several projects emerging as the logical progression beyond the Earth Magic series. Where Earth Magic illustrates , Oracles puts these ideas into practical use by tying together the history of photographic media and it's connection via both the ambrotype process and the Claude Glass to the history of scrying mirrors.

Each of these images is a one of a kind ambrotype: a positive image on clear glass. This is coated on the reverse with a specially formulated enamel which includes tinctures of poisonous plants such as henbane, belladonna and datura: ingredients of the traditional witches' flying ointment.

The intention is that these images function not only as a visual representation of the Witches' Sabbath, but also function as a magic mirror to the realm of the Sabbath.


Oracle of the Witches' Sabbath test #2 - SOLD Oracle of the Witches' Sabbath test #1 - SOLD