Before the Fulgur Limited published the official release of Earth Magic, I produced a handmade book of the series.  Created in the winter of 2011, the books were 5 by 6 inches, signed and numbered in a limited edition of only 100.  Each book contained an offset printed title page and thirteen 3x4 inch tipped-in archival inkjet prints.  Each was signed and numbered, with a foil-stamped title on the chocolate colored heavy paper cover.  The books arrived in a canvas bag, stitched closed.  

The images in the books are not static:  while each book contains thirteen images, this is chosen from a larger pool of thirty images.  The exact images and sequence will vary for every book, making each one unique.  Many of the images have yet to be revealed online.

This edition has sold out and is no longer available. The official release of Earth Magic is still available for purchase.